November 09, 2004


i can't post a comment in blogspot???

grrrr, it's probably one of those blockades that our network administrators in the office put so that idle (or not wanting to work) employees like moi won't be able to keep on going to non-work related message boards and non-work related what-elses to post non-work related comments... argggghhhh, hehehe ako pa yung galit noh?

well, just wanted lang naman to post in my good friend jason's blog eh. :( and to answer his very kind comments to my blogs. :( is that too much to ask? huh, net admins? :(

well, jays, dito ka na lang basa... hehehe... thanks for the comments... hmmm, the short story went bland in the middle... i kept repeating joey there... hmmm, probably it was a mantra or something so that i can finally have joey... hahaha! but not OUR joey, mind you... :D no offense joe... i know you're cute but you're just as cute as a friend to me! hehehe... az if!!! anyways, i'll revise that story soon... probably change the name! hehehe...

and jays, i love that shot! hahaha... too bad lang i wasn't wearing a swimsuit... and i remember that borrowed lang ata yung shorts ko dun... hehehe... anyways, that was fun... thanks again for the hospitality! leyte was wonderful! :)

and to all the guys, gals and gays out there, check out jason's blog at i'm there! :)

hmmm, got to go now and look for that sys ad... i hope he'll understand my "huwaaaaaaaaatttttttt???"... otherwise, i'd have to say it in japanese "nannnnnniiiiiiiiiii????" :)


Anonymous said...

man, wla gyud koy nabasahan ani bisan usa.. :D

pwde pakichange sa color sa imng text? Hehe!

anyway, nice man pd imng blog.. hehe!

Anonymous said...

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