November 30, 2005

to him who must not be named

i am a seafarer
in the vast ocean
of your eyes

i search for
even the tiniest isle
to claim my own

i transfix my eyes
upon some glint of land
in your gaze

yet i am washed away
by the waves of your
eluding glance

i am once again
lost, drifting in the vastness
of your faraway look

your eyes speak
nothing for me
not even the tiniest love

November 17, 2005


singapuuura singapuuuraaaaa.... a parrot sang during the "all star bird show" at jurong bird park in singapore... hmmm, i think singapura means singapore... duh siguro ako! hehehe

i went to singapore during the halloween holidays with the other ex-vicon people (just add C and T to ex-vicon, interpolate the letters, and you'll find out who we really are! kidding). the jurong bird park was my pinakapaboritong napuntahan. i enjoyed watching shows such as parrots singing, in an operatic pitch, singapura and my bonnie lies over the ocean. i especially enjoyed feeding the birds with live worms! the night safari was also one thing which i enjoyed very much. i kinda felt like belonged there, in that zoo. but not that i'd be one of those animals there, mind you. i felt like i could be one of the staffs there riding in the tram to entertain people while they observe the animals in their "natural" habitat. it's amazing how giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, deers, anteaters, and hyenas have been living in an territory where their actual habitat were somehow replicated. anyways, there's no more fun, though, being there than being with the company of my vicon friends. i got to see (after a long while) sue, my ever beauteous friend, again. it was fun being with her, her beau johnx, rache, audie, raki, lennard, benjie, noemi, lawrence, radwin, and joe! special thanks to sue, johnx, and bendz for being our gracious hosts and tour guides!

singapore is a very nice place. walang pollution. kahit daanan ka pa sa harap mo ng mga bus nila at hinga ka ng malalim, fresh air pa rin! amazing! hehehe... it's just hot there. well, it being a country near the equator. and isa ko lang concern is masyadong maraming matatapang ang "natural body perfume" ng mga nandun who are of different nationalities! hehehe.. but after 4 days yata, i got used to it na rin (like sue hehehe). si sue kaya nya nang higupin ang amoy sa bus at mrt. hehehe

anyways, i read in ria's blog that she finds singapore a romantic place. yup for one (or two) there's clark quay and boat quay (pronounced as key - ganun pala yun??? kala ko talaga kwey). but other than it being romantic, it's a good place to work for people in the IT field! dun ang mga pinoy naka-condo with all amenities u can imagine! pool, gym, tennis court, basketball court, parang country na ang mga condo! mabubuhay ka na dun na di lumalabas!

hmmm, all in all, the living conditions there are very good. plenty of opportunities. and from time to time you still get to see some cuties despite my initial remarks when i arrived there na walang guapo!!! hehehe. makes me wanna go there, work, and try out the place for at least three months. and why not? :p

November 12, 2005

losing control

i used to believe that we can be in control of our life... but there are just times when one just can't, not even one's thoughts and emotions... no matter how i try to rationalize and invite positive vibes, there are always times when negativity takes over and everything -- thoughts and emotions -- just gets out of CONTROL! arrrggghhhh!!!