November 12, 2005

losing control

i used to believe that we can be in control of our life... but there are just times when one just can't, not even one's thoughts and emotions... no matter how i try to rationalize and invite positive vibes, there are always times when negativity takes over and everything -- thoughts and emotions -- just gets out of CONTROL! arrrggghhhh!!!


Maddie said...

Hi Ems,

Nakabalik ka na pala from your Singapore trip. How was it? :) Minsan talaga di maiiwasan na ma-overwhelm sa ating mga emotions. The best we can do is to always fight the urge to wallow in misery. :)

Don't worry Ems. Life can be unfair, but sometimes it can be unfair in our favor. :)

EmmsVille said...

halu maddie!

nice of u to drop a comment... singapore? it was a blast! :D the place is very nice... and there are lots of opportunities there! ;)

anyways, thanks for reminding me that life's unfairness can be to my advantage! i'm finally seeing what i can gain from what's happening! mwehehehe... (with a vile grin)


FoXy said...

hi ems.

bitaw tama si maddie ... although feeling nako pareha lang ta na mag react dayon bago makita ang bright side sa isa ka situation. hehehe ...

amazing kaayo og mga insights ni si maddie dah ... :)

ems, i-blog imong singapore experience. :)

p.s. i've read somewhere na dili pa open minded ang singapore sa mga "sisters" n wala lng ko ka klaro but i think it was if found kay pwd makulong or something like that. or karaan na sad kaayo to na article ako nabasa. hahaha ... :) pero for sure nag enjoy jud ka didto. :)

EmmsVille said...

wow! i have a visitor pala here! and a beautiful one pa! foxy heart! :p si maddie pud kay gorgeous visitor!

btaw, janee, thanks for posting a message here... rarely do i get posts from beautiful sisters! :p

i'll post something about singapore soon... feel feel ra man gud ni akong pagsulat :p

see u around girlalou!

poeticnook said...

hi =) just dropping by. miss yah!

Anonymous said...

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