October 18, 2005


i miss roland!

we've been emailing back and forth for almost a year now but suddenly it stopped sometime last month due to my sulking and mulling mood. i still thought of him from time to time, though, wondering how he's doing with his own musings. fortunately, i saw the news last sunday about the earthquake that happened in tokyo. the news shook me out of my hermitage and prompted me to email him yesterday. whew! glad he's doing ok! :) and i'm even gladder that he's going out with someone! (sorry guys, girls and girlalous... this handsome guy is going out with someone! well, simply because i'm not there... hahaha) :p

i miss him all right but i dreamt of a different roland last night! :p it was funny but sultry, nonetheless! hahaha. but that should be a different story! behave emman! :p

anyways, i'm glad this special friend of mine is always there for me. he listens, or rather, reads to all my rants no matter how confusing and bitter i get sometimes. and he tells me almost everything about himself. i even make him upset sometimes but he forgives me all the time... every time... i'm lucky, right? having a handsome friend who answers my emails right away! hehehe

well, see you soon my dear sir! i'm sure you miss me too! hahaha ;)


jlee said...

laishu... =)
the other roland????? tsk tsk tsk...

EmmsVille said...


you're really reading my blog jen ha!!! i'm touched down to the bottomless pit of my heart! char! :p

yeah, i dreamt of another roland but i'm missing the roland in japan actually. i don't know why but one thing is sure: i liked that dream! hahaha

Roland said...

Emman, thank you so much!
I'm touched and glad when reading it.
I don't have to tell you more, here.
We were talking a lot and about many things but that's not interesting for the other readers here. So, no emotions right now, just facts and figures: we sent each other hundreds of messages, the 1'500 emails I got from you contain 1'911'553 words, or 84'224'336 characters, not included all the mails to my mobile.
Well, Dear reader, behind those numbers are many feelings, but this we keep for ourselves... ;-)
Always, Roland

EmmsVille said...


the guy who inspired me to write it has posted a comment. but i'll let you in on a little secret. i actually asked him to read my entry. and probably that prompted him to post a comment hehehe

nevertheless, thanks dear sir. :) i hope i'd catch you blogging also and make me a star in one of your posts! :p

snowflakes in summer said...

bow ko ms emman. :)

Rhyze said...

i hope to meet this roland someday... :) pila ba kabuok roland sa imong life? hehe

Anonymous said...

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