October 11, 2005


"ibutang sa imong blog emman ha nga cute si nanie"

si nanie mismo ang niingon ana. although i will move heaven and earth just to prove her otherwise, pagbigyan na lang natin sya. masama magalit si nanie! pero uy, in fairness, pa-cute si nanie! :p

nanie, my statuesque of a seatmate, has been my ka-chika everyday since i came back from my horrendously horrible vacation last august. i wasn't in my jovial attitude (i still am not) when i came in last week of august but i easily warmed up to this gal due to her childish antics. though, i've been a bit reserved in our group, she's the one who can crack me up just by whipping up her expressions such as "lain kay ka", "ayyyy", "good job", "wow", "congrats", "uhuh", and "dayyy".

well, i have to stop praising nanie because it might boost her ego the wrong way. basin og feel na jud niya nga cute sya!

anyways, you see our pic naman. so judge for yourselves. basta all i can say is "nanie is pa-cute, emman is cute"!

ha ha ha! bleeeee nanie!

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