October 12, 2005


this isn't my first blog actually. i had one at emmsville.blog-city.com. unfortunately, there came a time when our net-admins cried so much at all the sentimentalities and sad stories that filled my blog that they had to block blog-city from our network just so they won't be reading me again! duh! the nerve! hehehe

so i created this blog which i've abandoned for almost a year. and this blog is and SHOULD be a secret lest the net-admins find out --- and find out they that my stories now are even sadder since they are larger than lovelife lang!!! so ssshhhh... ;)

anyways, my old blog was deleted by blog-city. fortunately my ex-boyfriend louis was able to email me my blog entries. and so i'm posting all of them here for posterity's sake. :O)

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