October 12, 2005

my first haiku and blog

this was my first entry to my old blog at blog-city. gosh! even before pala schizophrenic na ko. kala ko ngayon lang ako ganito! :p this was posted pala on posted Friday, 5 December 2003.

someone wept tonight
for lifeless dreams, ironic
that heaven cried too

it rained just right after i came back at the office at 9:30 pm. and i was meaning to write something here right away. but arrrggghhh!!! just able to put my thoughts only now! and it's 3 in the morning. and yes i'm still here at my workstation pounding at these words!

well, i'm not really that grumpy. at least i got to write a haiku inspired by the rain and by the "speech" i gave at our team's christmas party earlier. hmmm, a lot probably were surprised that i carry a brain on my head. i've been thinking lately how my co-workers regard me. definitely not a techie as what others think i ought to be! hmmm, a goddess perhaps as i often promulgate to the world in every chance i have! but i know better. i know a lot just see the swishy girly-talking and surprisingly-an-engineer entertainer. not the singing and dancing entertainer, mind you! i can't even walk straight (no pun intended), so i don't see myself belting a song in its right tune or throwing myself at the dance floor with the grace of a ballroom danseur. i have grace. but not of a dancer! ;)

hmmmm, i was supposed to write something serious here. but i guess my other personality has taken over again. the one that feels high with just nothing! (yes, i am shizophrenic!) i wonder where my catatonic half cowered. the one who was supposed to explain the "rain and pain" haiku.

oh well, i guess i'll have to continue writing this because i see my teammates tidying up their things. luckily i have more than two personalities. the one writing this is whom i like because i'm able to write.

or maybe i'm drunk from having no sleep. toink! got to go...

and nats posted the following comments then:

hey =)

last year pa pala to.. so many things happened last year, it seems like a whole other life lived from the window. i really dont want to go back to the memories, i want to run away as far as i can, away where it can no longer haunt me nor hurt me..

i wish you well on your own journey =)


wanderer said...

hey =) it's been a while.. thanks for the postcard. take care

Anonymous said...

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