October 12, 2005

dear boy

aba aba aba! starring din pala si jonathan sa old blog ko last March 12, 2004!!! napaka-swerteng lalaki... nasulatan ko! and i seemed to be entranced with his beauty! another one of those things i can laugh at! hahaha... but jonathan is my friend na kaya laughable! hehehe


dear boy, you were so fine

if ivory were black
that would have been the color of your eyes --
they gleamed with fluorescent lights

you smiled shy
with a sleek metal that glimmered diamonds
among perfected snow white stones
dear boy, i couldn't sleep

i kept recalling how the seconds seemed still
with your every movement
your blinking
your smiling
your talking
your glancing my way
the seconds were so slow and long

dear boy, you were so fine
i hope to see you again


jonathan tuble... such a weird last name... yet the ring to it is simply magical! seeing him for the first time was like seeing my favorite japanese dishes, either fresh or steaming, delectably inviting but painfully untouchable!

that night, after a very long time of feeling again the feel of a TM (toastmasters) meeting, was made more unforgettable by that evening's host... no less than the fine boy, jonathan tuble!

his words weaved a web of magic! i was an intelligent fly who knew the snares of spiders yet i allowed myself to be caught!

oh, my words seem to jumble up in this recollection. recently a friend told me that good and careful writing (the ones that get approved for publishing) should have a consistency in imagery. but here i am mixing everything up from dishes, to magic, to a spider and a fly! =)

teeeheee, but i could never forget you, your eyes and your smile, jonathan... you're making my words clutter from my frenzied musings of you!

dear jonathan, you were so fine...

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