October 12, 2005

voices from nowhere

"how can one love a stranger?" i asked.

"my dear," you answered from nowhere,
"after sojourning from someone's embrace to another,
never have i dreamt intensely to nestle in someone's arms as in yours."

"ahhh, another lofty dream cast in the air, i suppose?
remember, i am but a voice from nowhere."

"understand, i have picked you from nowhere, yet,
etched along the lines of destiny the meeting of our souls."

"oh? what then if i oppose this destiny you speak of?
love is not something i give to someone from nowhere.
dear stranger, would you still love me then, a stranger to your love?"

"love me, my love, and you will know we are no strangers."


is it really possible to love someone whom one meets on the phone?


tsk tsk tsk... another old post from my old blog last May 13, 2004... tungkol naman sa isang bading na nakabihag sa aking pusho! :p


jlee said...

hehehe.. hi ems!
kala mo di ko makita blog mo ha

EmmsVille said...

pssttt... secret blog ra ni ha!

jlee said...

ay mao? ako na baya gi fwd sa engineers@mnl hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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