September 24, 2007

post vacation musings

it's probably a default thing that happens. when i took a taxi from singapore's budget terminal to go home, i started thinking about work that awaits me the next day. good thing such thoughts never bothered me while i was on vacation. although, my 2 days 2 nights stay in phuket over the weekend wasn't as superb as i hoped it would be, i didn't worry at all of the things that i have to do this week.

in parts i enjoyed my vacation because of the company i was in but there were just some downtimes which i attribute to my own doing. i had been more reflective at times rather than being sociable and enthusiastic. i was drifting to other worlds in my mind in the middle of some interesting topics that my newfound friends were busy with. roland noticed my silence most of the time. my thoughts weren't about work, mind you. they were about something else. something bigger than the world! hehehe.

anyhow, the vacation actually ended with a bang. the last person i parted with whom i originally had qualms of conversing with turned out to be the best discourse i had in the entire trip. i found a kindred soul. an hour of waiting for our flights gave us a chance to open up ourselves to each other. but no this is not your romantic kind of connection. it's the kind where you realize there are others out there who somehow mirrors you: your way of thinking, your experiences, and pretty much who you are. it's the kind that makes you feel you're not alone.

hmmm, the trip wasn't not superb after all. my musings in between lively group discussions were justified by another capricorn born during that short hour of waiting for our flights back to each our homes. plus, i got to see old friends and gained new ones. yeah it was a superb vacation despite my "out of the party" mood.

September 19, 2007

o tukso layuan nyo ako!

when i'm down and weary, i give in to temptation.

this time, it's a $79 bedsheet!!! uy mahal na mahal na yan for me ha! i can buy 3 sets with that amount already!

hay, sira na naman ang budget this month! :(

sige na lang, masarap naman ang tulog! ;)

September 17, 2007

dream interpretation

last night i dreamt of eating glass. yeah like it was something really delicious! i remember that at first, on my plate were pieces of glass from the window of our kitchen at my current house, yet the setting was in a restaurant with my mom and a friend daw ha! i munched on them kitchen window glass with gusto! when i finished eating what's on my plate, the setting changed. behind me was the the window of our dining area at home. i went to the window, stood on a stool, and took two jalousie glasses. people at the restaurant were looking at me as i put the two jalousie glasses on my plate. aside from being aware of the eyes on me, i was wondering how i'd eat the two glasses when they were fatter than my arms!!! well, i think i didn't eat them at all. a little later though, a lady came to our table and told me that there's a furniture shop nearby where i could buy some jalousie glasses! wehehehe. end of dream.
i usually consult for my dreams. here's what it had to say about eating glasses.

"To dream that you are eating glass, highlights your vulnerability, confusion and frailty. You may have difficulties in communicating your thoughts across and getting the right words out. Alternatively, it may symbolize your hurtful and cutting comments. Perhaps you have been hurt or disappointed by something that someone had said. Or you need to be careful in how you phrase and word things or run the risk of offending others."

hmmm. i was amazed at the "correctness" that this interpretation have. well, for my case, that is. i've had some moments lately of not being able to communicate well my thoughts and feelings that i, most of the time, withdrew myself from continuing what i was about to say. it happened to me yesterday and today. and YEAH there's one incident lately when i was hurt (or pa hurt hurt hehehe) by what someone said! i didn't expect that time that words that were supposed to comfort could hurt! hehehe. or baka nag-da-drama lang ako nun! :p anyways, for now, ayoko syang makausap! mag-enjoy syang mag-isa! wahehehe. :p makakakain na nga lang ulit ng glass! mas masarap pa kaysa sa kanya! :p

September 03, 2007

sweet 20 something

happy birthday suzie!!! :)


September 02, 2007

corrections and keepsakes

i went through my japan memorabilia as they lie cluttered on my desk since april pa. gosh! i still haven't thrown any of the brochures, bullet train tickets, and even the notes i made on an a5 bond paper. i just can't seem to part with them. it seems that i'll forget my experiences if i throw them away.

i went through the huis ten bosch brochure. i discovered that i made a mistake of claiming in one of my earlier posts that one of the pictures i took was that of a replica of netherland's queen beatrix' palace. it was not. it was the ANA hotel. i have to correct it here. mahirap na. baka i-demanda pa ako! :p

i wasn't able to go to palace huis ten bosch pala, which was the actual reproduction of the queen's residence, due to the rain, limited time, and the huge size of the place. the movie feature, where the viewers' faces were scanned and made as characters in it, was called grand odyssey. it's the first participatory movie theater in the world. the restaurant where i had the most expensive meal of my life so far was in hotel amsterdam. the best 3d movie i ever saw was also in huis ten bosch: mysterious escher. the animal park which i failed to go to was called biopark. finally, the tower where i took the "aerial" shots of huis ten bosch wasn't a clock tower at all. (another wrong claim! sigh!) it was a landmark tower called domtoren.

i'm writing all these names since i'll be throwing the brochures and the notes. i can't hold on to them. since i've already decided on what i will be doing, i can't hang on to every item i collect in every place i go to. good thing i have this blog. it will come useful for someone who shall be leading a nomadic life in the months to come. this blog will remind me of the places i went to and will be going to, things i did and will be doing, and experiences i had and will be having.

but until my vagabond life begins, i will hold on to some little things for a while. some are just hard to part with like the little notes i got from friends. even the package wrapper of a book delivered through snail mail is not easy to throw away. i'm not sure if i'll be bringing these with me when i start packing my suitcase; but, for now, they'll stay on my desk waiting for my fingers to run through them once more in times of reminiscing.