July 16, 2009


I am now officially broke... And this is one face of being broke... Don't know what to do...

Actually acting lang yan! Hehehe... And although I've exhausted all my funds with a considerable amount of credit card accountability, the last 6 months of carefree respite was well worth it!

Too bad it had to end. :(

June 12, 2009

fashion victim part 2

extreme conditions make a fashion victim:

we went for a picnic and fishing in lake gregory. since it's almost summer, i expected that it wouldn't be so chilly, though i was warned beforehand that it would be a wee bit cold there. i went there in shorts and sandals. gosh! i froze! i bought socks and a towel at a nearby shop. inside my hood, i was wearing a cap. sometimes i'd drape that pink towel over my legs. just imagine how i looked! light blue jacket with gray cap under the hood, pink towel skirt, and black socks and gold sandals!

a similar experience happened to me when i went climbing mt. fuji. my ensemble then was forgivable. this is not! fashion police, i'm turning myself over!

May 11, 2009

grrr import tool

last night i tried to import ONLY two posts from my original and main blog via multiply's import tool because they weren't automatically included here. my posts in blogspot used to be posted here after i submit them. i don't know what happened. so i decided to use the import tool to import my allison iraheta posts.

kaso!!!! grrrr...

someone told me that i posted too many things. after reviewing my entries, aba, nasali ang mga posts sa ibang blogs kung san member ako!!!! posts from epicverses.blogspot.com, from my PICPA toastmasters blog, and from my supposedly secret blog! grrrr...

thanks eric for pointing it out... it would have been a catastrophe:

1. entries to my secret blog would have been promulgated! charing!
2. i would be charged with plagiarism for posting here the poems of the very talented people in epicverses.blogspot.com
3. i'd be raising "huh" reactions from people reading about PICPA toastmasters

hay, i didn't know what happened during the import but i'm not using it anymore! EVER!

May 08, 2009

allison fans

just some proof that her fans are big time... i haven't heard of popular names being yucky gokey's fans. eww!

mtv's jim cantiello: http://www.mtv.com/videos/news/377725/allison-iraheta-in-60-seconds.jhtml#name=features&id=1605360

watch all his 60 second videos. very funny!

the great melinda doolittle:

and ellen degeneres in her show interviewing simon yucky cowell... she pointed out to him when did american idol become a wardrobe contest? she further added that allison is special... she specifically mentioned allison of all the contestants..

what happened to simon scowl this year?

and the idol extra host claimed she's her favorite: http://www.rickey.org/?p=15614


May 07, 2009

mega upset

i'm so upset with allison iraheta's elimination! yucky gokey should have gone! remember the scary scream???? plus the smug and arrogant "i'm already the winner" kind of expression. ugh!

what makes me upset aside from the fact that she deserves to be in the finale with adam was that i voted mega ultra wild. i voted using three phones! the landline was hooked up to my bro's laptop and set to auto dial for allison's numbers via dial idol's software. it registered a total of 350+ votes for 2 hours. at the same time, my left and right hands were busy dialing: yes i had two cellphones. i dialed for one hour and a half nonstop. after dialing, i'd put both phones on each of my ears to check that my call got through. i counted that i got through 60 calls per cellphone in 30 minutes. so i had 180 votes per cellphone. that is 360 votes for both cellphone. and that is 710+ votes in total! ugh! maybe i should have voted for 2 hours straight!

i was so upset that an hour after watching the results show, i sent email to two suitors and turned them down! what the! hahaha. now i'm laughing. yeah, they're busted. they should have voted even if one couldn't because of where he is. :p

anyways, good thing my mood was lifted because of a very very good news from a dear friend! congrats again to both of you. hopefully the date is as you said. ;)

hay, allison is now out. i'll have to vote for adam and kris so that yucky gokey is eliminated next! grrr.