January 24, 2006

stomach ache

i think i'm having a stomach ache... yeah at this ungodly hour... it might be because of my cooking... actually, i threw away my original experiment which was a steamed sea bass... wow! what's a sea bass??? pang sosyal! dinhi ra na nako natilawan sa singapore... unya wala syay lami! langsa... or maybe it was because of how i cooked it! si romeo ang ni-unearth sa intestines sa sea bass... and i did the cooking.. i cooked including the scales! eeewww... himo pa kog sauce ala chinese restaurant sauce kuno for steamed fishes... i used water, ginger and oyster sauce for it... it turned out bitter! eeewww... so when susan came home, i presented my experiment and we decided to throw it away... it was that bad! so i cooked chicken nuggets na lang... and i'm wondering if the nuggets were half cooked halfway sa among kaon... hehehe

hahay kapait aning naa ka sa laing nasod... di ka kamao moluto... og wa na kay kuarta! kadugay ba ani akong employer manawag uy... i've been here in singapore since jan 11... jan 12 interview nako... then confident man ko so wala usa ko nag apply apply... then mga 3 days after i just tried submitting my resume to my friend who submitted it to his agent... whola ang lola agent niya kay abtik... gitawgan dayon ko... but two days after, the company that first interviewed me called up and told me not to go to other companies anymore and just wait for their HR to call! and just minutes after, the agent called and set me up for an interview at REUTERS!!!! REUTERS!!! gosh, i turned it down! hehehe... di man ko ganahan og labad na sa ulo for choices and i already liked gemplus (the company that interviewed me on the 12th)... pero hangtud karon wala pa nanawag ang HR sa gemplus! diyos me! manigulang ko dinhi sa balay sa akong amiga... maayo unta og maayo ko moluto!

hahay... hulat lang gihapon.. pasalamat ang gemplus ganahan ko sa ila... hehehe.... so tomorrow i'll be off to the immigration and checkpoints authority to claim my passport... had to have my stay here extended... and then romeo and i will probably go to jurong bird park or the singapore zoo wherever feel namo daghang guapo...

hmm, speaking of guapo... daghan unta cute nisulpot karon... but romeo and i are quite hesistant to kivta kay unsaon man nga naay penal code chuva ning singapura nga makakanta kag "hanggang tingin ka na lang"... otherwise mga priso among beauty of magpabadlong mi diri...

hahay, ingon sila nga mika daw ang life diri sa singapura... unsay mika!!! sa ka-strikto sa ilang policies dinhi, ma ningning imong beauty og huna huna og many things like:
1. how not to break the rules
2. what will happen if rules are broken
3. worst case scenarios
4. best alibis
5. how to break the rules elegantly
6. how to break the rules and not get caught

di va??? maningning ka uy... dili ma-bore imong life kay pirmi ka magkinto!hehehe

anyways, i'm having fun here :) it's fun to see some people's faces here when they see me in my very short shorts or my smoke-colored eyeshadow... hahaha... lingaw pud kog luto luto or experiment experiment... so far, i've been successful with my misua with sardines, misua with ground pork, tocino, tapa, chicken nuggets, fried rice with mix (sa pack), fried rice with garlic and egg, fried rice with oyster sauce, fried rice with thai sweet and spicy sauce.... lami ra man... i love my own you know... though sometimes one's own will give stomach ache

ang akong stomach ache karon kay murag gikan jud ni sa pag tilaw nako sa sea bass... ewww... oh, dapat jud diay tanggalan og himbis ang isda noh??? :p


snowflakes in summer said...

hey ms. emman, how is u naman? no updates on your life? :)

dongperez said...

murag ang fried fish ra man siguro ang puede nga naay scales :)

Anonymous said...

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