February 17, 2006



i finally have my PC! so update dayon sa blog! hehehe

here's what happened in this so-called life of mine after my last post:

feb 3, 2006 - my now company called me up for the approval of my employment pass... i think i set the record for fastest employment pass approved ever! imagine, i got it in only 3 working days!!! i was informed by HR that it takes two to three weeks! gosh! ang haba ng hair ko... di lang ako panalo sa company, panalo pa ko sa ministry of manpower ng singapore! go emman girl! :p

feb 4, 2006 - 3Ls - laba, luto, limpyo

feb 5, 2006 - barbecue party galore at bullion park with romeo, susan, johnny, shih, lai, bendz, and romeo's friend (dina), my friends (jerrha, maricris, carol, ken), bendz' friends (joyce, boboy), shih's guest of honor (shela), lai's admirer (franco), and sue's guests (hermes, cary)... gosh, ken was so late! and when he came, he was in long-sleeved polo and slacks so i told him "this is a barbecue party and not a ballroom party" hehehe... of course, he just came from church so he changed into another costume... and oh, we had a trumps tournament... joyce and i emerged second after being beaten to death by the ever unbeatable lovers sue and johnny!

feb 6, 2006 - plantsa... kulba galore for the next day

feb 7, 2006 - i was officially ushered into the premises of gemplus as a part of the R&D department... and awestruck i was at how great and blessed i am to be here in this company!!! i was so impressed by the processes, the organization, and the people... and i spotted one cutie right away... hmmm, he reminds me of the first every guy who made tibok my virgin puso! :p

feb 8 - 13, 2006 - contemplating every minute if i should give my heart to someone whose nickname is my all time favorite name in a guy! ang puso ko talaga!

feb 14, 2006 - yes it's valentine's day! i didn't have a date, mind you... but i wasn't sad either, more mind you! :p i went to starhub to open a mobile account under my company's corporate plan! 30% off! yippeee!!! and i got a samsung e360 for only $88! and cutie cutie this one is... the only two things that's lacking to it to make me fully happy are a PC data link (no cable or CD at all) and an external memory expansion slot... nevertheless, the phone is so me!!! small but pretty! :p so i'm very happy!

feb 15, 2006 - wala lang hehehe

feb 16, 2006 - i decided i could not love someone who reminds me of colin farrel! :p i requested a song to a local radio station that i listen to in my phone while working with the following message: "hi! shian here! can i request for the song 'push the button' by the sugababes? it's dedicated to baby ****** who is the nonsense who made sense in my life!" and trulili!!! the DJ read my message on air but he didn't play the song! :(

feb 17, 2006 - i have my PC now!!! yipeee... writing a blog now!!! and just decided that the cutie i saw on my first day at work is the one i'm going to marry because he reminds me of my first love! ang puso ko talaga!

at yan lang naman ang updates sa kin lately... ;)


dYsleXia said...

hi emms! glad to have an update! :)
we miss you here... they miss you diay. :) haha! joke lng!

glad happy naka der! God bless n take care!

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jlee said...

waaaa...ganahan daw ka porn ems oh..

bitaw ems, nalingaw ko basa sa imo na blog. karon lang ko ka visit kay nalingaw ko basa sa laing blog. harharhar..

text na lang tika later..
maunsa ka sa holy week? unsa imong penetensya?