May 10, 2006

kaspa (in tagalog: balakubak)

i am in awe

thinking long and hard
about commands and securities
that make me dazed
leading my hand skywards
towards a throbbing head
to scrape away ideas
that confuse this neophyte.

scratching with great fervor
these thoughts that itch
like confusion in winter,
snowflakes fall before me
in this hot equator,
in this hot singapore.

i am in awe!

i look for witnesses
to the ugliness of
snow white particles against
dark fabric, and dust
silently, albeit hurriedly, off
the snowflakes on shoulders,

and place my hand
down to the keyboard
to think once again
ever harder and longer
about commands and securities

where I'm in awe.

Apr 21, 2006

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