May 10, 2006

American Idol

i'm depressed. i just watched american idol where MY american idol almost moved me to tears with his first song. elliot is my remaining american idol after patrick hall, david radford, and paris were eliminated.

i'm depressed since i have this great feeling that he'll be eliminated next despite his awesome performance. he was just the best tonight with both his renditions of elvis' songs. the judges were unanimous in giving him praises for his great performance. simon even said that he's the underdog but deserves to stay for the next round. i hope he does.

the remaining four are all talented but it's elliot who has the best voice. he can sing the sentimental songs and make you cry. and for someone like me who doesn't cry easily, with elliot, my gall bladder is near my eyes!

if he's really good and did a great performance, you may ask why i'm worried. it's because the other three are more popular. oh well, i just hope simon is right. and i'm hoping even more that he'll reach the finals. even if i really think that chris will win the competition.


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