May 18, 2006

My American Idol

And there he was, my American Idol, Elliott Yamin, eliminated. Sad! :(

I expected it, actually, after his performances which were just OK. He didn't have a "moment" song unlike Taylor and Kat and unlike his two performances the previous week. And since I expected it, I shouldn't be very sad right now, di ba? Pero haller! He had the most touching video among the three of them. So I'm sad to see him go! And I'm pretty certain that many people out there are sad as well for his exit. I feel that his exit makes people sadder compared to Kat and Taylor going (if they were the ones eliminated).

I don't cry over people getting voted out. Pero, sobrang pinipigilan ko kanina umiyak. Kahit pala si Sue naiiyak! At gusto pang gawing boyfriend si Elliott! Sorry Sue, akin sya! hehehe

Ang lamang lang naman ni Kat and Taylor sa kanya is confidence. But vocally, he's way greater than them both combined! hehehe... Ang maka-Kat at Taylor dyan wag umangal. Ang aangal pangit! :p

Hay. Hay. Hahay. I can't even form my sentences well. Dati napapangitan ako sa kanya pero habang pinapakinggan ko sya kumanta, na-i-in love ako!

Kung ano ano na ang da-da ko dito! Basta, for me, Elliott is the American Idol. Actually, Universal Idol ko sya! Ever!

Sisikat din sya. Sure ako. :)

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