May 30, 2006

la familia singapura

that pic was taken inside the fullerton hotel during the ex-manila-nsp-now-in-singapore reunion last friday, may 26. we were not smiling because we're supposed to project a "gulong ng palad" family picture... but someone is smiling!!! waaahhh! can u spot him???? :p

anyways, the people on the pic from left to right are: jerick the kailangan nang gupitan, emms the kontrabida (that's moi), aze the bimbim of mike, jerrha the admired (ng combuilder men), maricris the bagong hairstyle and color, ho the traitor (nag-smile eh! hehehe), carol the true-blue persona of a gulong ng palad family female member, fred the true-blue persona of a gulong ng palad family male member, rhea the business tripper to singapore, and marvin the picture taker (so he's not there. hehehe)

it was fun seeing these guys again! we went to hooters where we had our appetizer. as in! akala namin may full course kaming makakain... appetizer lang lahat! hanggang 930 yata kami nun tapos di kami busog! hehehe... then we went to two cafes (max brenner in esplanade and the other one i can't remember) pero hanggang entrance door lang kami. we ended at the hawker at the back of esplanade with me, jerrha and aze having a specially made toast bread which had a sweet cheese and a salty taste courtesy of its maker's sweat. grabeh! habang gini-grill nung guy ung bread namin, sobrang pinagpawisan sya. i'm sure that i'm 99% correct in assuming na kahit isang patak nung pawis nya ay pumunta sa bread namin! oh well! masarap naman! at flawless din kaya ung guy! type actually! hehehe

sa susunod ulit na kitakits dear ex-manila-nsp-now-in-singapore guys and gals! :D

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