May 19, 2006

pag-ibig na nga ba?

he buzzed me

i answered

and waited 5 mins before his reply

which was

"wait lang. hehehe"

what is that?

buzz me then ask me to wait?

then he came back

for every message he sent me, i answered with 5 messages

then had to wait 5 to 10 mins for his answer


it's confirmed

he has someone

whom he won't tell me who

it's ok

i'm fine

not totally affected

not yet

it hasn't sunk yet

when it does

i will still wait for him to text me

or buzz me again


chris said...

deadmahin mo! or magreply ka din, after 10mins.. "wait lang din"... tapos... "yeah he's a total jerk i hate him.."... tapos "ooops sorry wrong window".

Anonymous said...

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