November 24, 2006

hodgepodge of updates

hay... haven't updated my blog for a long time already! 4 days or so is a long time already for me! :p

may utang pa ko sa mga fwends ko. i have to write about phuket. will write about it in the coming days. just wait for it guys and gals. kailangan lang ng mahabang upuang time. ;)

i think i'm going to have trangkaso. wag naman po sana! may D&D bukas! waaahhhh... kailangang maganda!

the xmas party committee met earlier! such a yummy meeting! :D the games were quite boring for me but i had to stay mum about it lest i'd earn the ire of the people there! :p got to talk with prasana though. of all the indians i talked with, he's got the most audible and intelligible english, not to mention, the good looks. :p

michael invited me to volunteer for CARE (catholic AIDS response effort) in singapore. check out this site: the nun featured in the picture happens to be michael's cousin. i'll be meeting her in the coming days. with this, am i returning to my catholic roots? well, it's not really that. the volunteering only requires talking with the people under CARE. i've always thought that i could be a counsellor. this might be my chance to find out if this is my true calling.

had GNO with my usual girls. had fun talking about lots of things. i'm going to list here soon things that i'll do before i turn 30.

am i a snake or a horse? that's been bugging me since forever ago! i was born jan 1, 1978. in the chinese zodiac, 1978 is horse but the chinese new year starts in feb. i read about the personalities of both signs, and swak naman ako both actually. that explains my schizophrenic personality! har har har! one snake trait is being reserved while a horse trait is being outgoing. i am both at different times! i'm reserved and outgoing! that's irony! :p

anyways, need to catch my sleep. tomorrow's another big day. will write more in the coming days once i get my health back to where it should be! :D


James said...

Thanks for linking me on your very interesting blog! I look forward to reading more of it now that I have found it.


james said...

Me again!
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