November 07, 2006

thiz iz it! swear!

eto ang mga status messages ng mga kaibigan ko ngayon:
- i'm in love... that's why i'm cheerful
- dance with me
- live. love. life.
- i know i'll never love this way again.... waaaahhhhhh.
- kung ako na lang sana ang iyong minahal...

ang sa kin naman: thiz iz it! swear!

well, some were curious bakit yun. wala lang... that's what i felt and what i said to myself sometime during my vacation in cebu! ;)

and ngayon i think it's a bit fitting also. lately, i haven't had enough rest. i'm tired. i'm feeling the peer pressure that dr. boholst once asked me about. sometimes i think that i'm too selfless. as louie put it in his testimonial, i'm one who is always ready to go the extra mile for a friend. at some point nakakapagod. i want to be selfish but my system doesn't allow me to. sometimes i feel like flying off to somewhere without anyone knowing where i am. i might just do that anytime soon. and there had been signs lately. i've been receiving in just one a span of a week, invitations to apply for two positions in the US. although, working in the US is no longer in my plans, i'm kinda tempted to go there at this time. eh, i haven't had any invitations before. tapos ngayon dalawa pa in the span of just a week! senyales nga siguro ito! kaya nasabi kong "thiz iz it! swear!"

but we'll see. going to the US would entail a lot of things. first and foremost, mas lalo na kong malalayo sa cebu. ahem! well, i'll see.

thiz iz it! swear!


suziecurly said...

hehehe! sakto nga yung question ko sayo kahapon ah! pero now ko lang to nabasa, nasense ko lang cguro! ganyan talaga ang twins, same wavelength! ;) heehee! ;)

EmmsVille said...

hehehe... tamang tama nga noh? kaya nagtaka ako ba't mo natanong yun... kala ko nabasa mo na ang recent posts mo! :D

ganyan nga talaga ang twins. aside from magaganda, pareho pa ng wave ng hair! hehehe

thanks suzie! ;)