November 15, 2006

polygamy and me plus you

polygamy is a state of being polygamous which is having more than one mate at the same time. what does it have to do with me?

well, i have and had been receiving comments from people like:

"kadaghan ba nimog laki emman uy."

"you change your boyfriends as often as you change panties."

"bisan kinsa na lang imong ma-type-an."

"hindi ka loyal ha. ang dami nila."

hmmm, to those who don't know me well, yeah, i appear to be polygamous because i seem to have millions of crushes but little do they know that i only ache and yearn for one true love! nakring! (naks and charing combined)

having crushes is so normal. wherever we are, we would always find some people whom we fancy because they are good looking, witty, or interesting. the difference between me and some people who don't seem to be polygamous is that i am just vocal about my crushes. and why not? i'm simply admiring what i like about them.

but at night or when i am alone or when i am with some people really close whom i trust my life with, i think about one special person. i talk about one person only. my world revolves around him. my crushes vanish at night. they vanish the moment i don't see them. but the one special person is one who stays with me round the clock. he is so close, he is one with me. he lives in my thoughts. he is the one who makes me wonder what he's doing, how he's doing, or who he is thinking about. he is the one whom i shower loving thoughts upon, wishing him well in all that he does. he is the one who confuses me, who makes me analyze things that need no analyzing. he is the one whom i wish i could ask to take our relationship to the next level since our friendship has exhausted all there is to know about each other in that level. he is the one i want. he is the one who makes me wonder what he is like as a lover.

he is my world.

you are my world.

you know who you are.

i have many crushes but i walk only with you during my solitary walks. i sleep only with thoughts of you at night. and it's only you i find in my waking hours wandering inside my head like an owner of a house: the house of my heart.


Anonymous said...

hoy emman! maka tindog manig balhibo oy! heheheh:) lingaw imong blog! :) ga sige rako basa2x diri blogs... hehehe... wa may lingaw....:) -markp

EmmsVille said...


musta na ka??? :D huwow, naabot ka sa akong blog ha... nanindog imong balahibo? hmmm, naka-relate ka no? :p

unsay link sa imong blog? :)