October 06, 2007

buzy buzy buzy

october is definitely the busiest month for me in 2007. so far. it's not only about work. i'm not staying late at the office like i used to because of work but i'm still busiest now because i'm juggling a lot of things to do and i'm sorting out a lot of things in my mind.

oct 1 - 2. i was on external training for unleashing my creativity! wow! contrary to public understanding (courtesy of sue), this seminar is not about singing, dancing, acting, or what else have you. it's about problem solving and innovating at the workplace chuvalences. i didn't like it. at all! :p

oct 3 - 5. craziness! being the vice-chairman of the recreational club of our company, i'll be taking over the chairman's responsibilities as she is leaving the company this month. ging gang gooly goodness gracious! i've never handled such big a responsibility in planning, monitoring, and making decisions for activities for a company with almost a thousand employees! gosh! we have a family day coming up this 20th october. i thought everything was running smooth in our preparations but when we had our meeting, everything was in shambles. when i called up our organizer, the payment hasn't been made. panic mode in full force! good thing the goddess rose to the occasion and was able to discover what's been thought to have been all right and made some actions and decisions before it's too late. it's my first time to be exposed to the complicated process of raising PRs and what nots! i had to give myself a pat on the back for a job well done today!

but gosh! i hope everything turns out well next week for the planning as i will be out of the office for another three days! waaaahhhh!!!

oct 8 - 10. project management training. it's good to have connections. teehee! a training that's not supposed to be yours can be yours! :p well, somebody backed out. i was informed. i wasn't supposed to be eligible but connections connections! :p

but what about the family day! my gaaaaaaadddddd!!! panic again! we have to have 1,350 people for this company activity! ok emman. calm down. breathe. say banana. not yet okay? all right, think of a bigger banana. there you go! should be happy now! :p

oct 11 - 12. family day again. meeting with the organizer and emcees for program preparation. prizes not yet decided. registrants still to be determined. there's only one week left to prepare!!! breathe. stay calm. banana. big banana.

oct 15 - 17. another external training. vb .net. good addition to my resume! wehehehe. hay, this month is training month. good company. good company! :D

oct 18 - 19. nervous breakdown. noh! be a goddess of serenity and calm emman. go to a church. pray on your knees from door to altar. the family day will be a success! ;)

oct 20. pandemonium! waaaahhhh... hehehe. it'll be very very fun and successful! pwamis! ;)

oct 22 - 25. cramming time to get all my acts together to give a good impression to a visiting french boss who will be discussing project matters which i'll be playing a big role in. pressure! :(

oct 24. supposed to go home for one of my closest friend's (fe's) wedding. wahhh cannot lah! french boss discuss project to me lah! :( will go home on the weekend instead! waaahhhh, airfare sky high lah! miracle please! miracle for airfare to go down. i'll only go home on the weekend to meet fe and her english fiance.

in between those dates mentioned, i've got to squeeze in my study for my new project which will be starting in 2 or 3 weeks, my mentoring of the new validation engineer assigned to me, planning and monitoring for the biggest company event happening in november which is the dinner and dance (nervous... nervous.... raffle draw mechanics... interesting gimmicks... gosh... it's just a month of preparation after family day), and my preparation for the trip of my life in december (tickets are way over my budget!!!).

waaaahhhh, just reading all these makes me wanna cry in the loving arms of a husband. but i don't have a husband. bob doesn't want me to be his wife. roland hasn't sent me an email or anything. kenneth is off womanizing. and viel is only sending me take care sms once in a blue moon! and i'm 100% not giving in to any of my stalkers! waaaahhh... hehehe... i don't have time pala for lovelife this month... or until end of this year...

focus emman. focus. you'll get through it all. all you need is faith in yourself and in others who are working with you. some good rest and proper eating. and of course, your source of strength and life: banana! everything will be all right! :p


jlee said...

Goodluck emski!
calling mo na ems.. next step.. Manager na.. =D

emmz said...

wahahaha... biniro nga ako nung team lead ko na timely daw mga nangyayari sa kin... dun na ang direction ko!!! waaaahhhh