October 01, 2007

news flash

there's one good thing that happened to me lately. well, actually it's not so new anymore as it happened around 3 weeks ago. due to having so many things on my mind lately, i only got to announce it to my friends whom i interact with everyday leaving some of my other close friends to find it out from other people. of course, it would be nice if the news comes from me personally.

the closest of my friends know one of the things that had been eluding me for the past 5 years. finally, i have it in my grasp. when i earned it, i didn't know how to feel actually. more than 5 years of waiting to finally be reunited with loved ones is finally possible. i'm not one who cries easily but at that moment, being alone, i cried. not buckets but tears that i could not contain.

happiness can really make you cry. when you have happiness within your grasp, you feel it's even sweeter after all the wait and suffering you had to endure.

happiness can come in the form of a visa. :)


gloridel said...

UK or US??

maddie said...

i'm so happy for you ems. :) this will be the best christmas for you yet. :)

jai said...

you've been lately silent in our mail list. glad to have dropped by today. :)

wow! advance happy trip! :D

dongperez said...

i'm so happy for you! i'm sure you'd fly high 'coz there's more opportunity there... not only financially but other aspects too... maybe you'd find another truer true love :D

and you'd receive card from us na with the words in the cover... "greetings from a thousand miles" :D

Gly said...

am happy for you emman... :) finally!

emmz said...

waaahhh karon ra ko kabasa sa inyong messages! touched kaayo ko!

idel, US po :) tua sa US akong family since 2002 pa. puhon kita na jud mi balik :)

madz, thanks. adto pud ko plan mag-30 :)

thanks jay! medyo na busy jud bitaw daghang giatiman :)

dongky! hehehe. mobalik pa intawn kog singapore. laag lang ko didto hehehe. pero why not? i want to receive cards from you with that greetings! :D

gly, thanks a lot! natupad na rin ang pangarap! hehehe :)

thanks for all the support! kahilak kog colored! :D

maddie said...

ay, christmas ug birthday ug new year pa gyud! kadaug naka lotto ems! :D what a way to kick off your thirties! as usual, bonggacious ever gyud ka. :D

yanka_jan@yahoo.com said...

we're very very happy for you 'man! i hope maabot ka sa NY para kami napud maglaag sa imo just like what u did when suroy mi dha sa Singapore..

basta good people blessed jud na :-)

take care!

jlee said...

oi emski.. congrats kaayo! im very happy for you. finally, makauban na nimo imong family sa christmas. pasalubong ko ha.. hehehe

emmz said...

kahilak na kog rainbow colored tears sa kadaghang ga-message dinhi!

jan, finally jud! and hopefully makaanha kog NY... medyo short ra akong vacation pero will tell you if i can go there :)

jen, you know na... nag chika na ta ganiha hehehe :D