September 07, 2006

bigla na lang

nagbabalik ang mga dating nakasanayan. sabi nga nila things happen for a reason. siguro even if i had my share of being aloof and trying to put some distance with some people, the greater scheme of things had it that way. i learned a lot kasi. and i know i shouldn't be doing that anymore. especially when all i wanted to do was just express myself. but i kept myself from doing that. anyways, i'm glad na nagbalik ang mga dating nakasanayan. :)

(it's not comfort zone i'm talking about. it's just something that i wanted back to happen again these past few days.) :)

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dongperez said...

It's saturday morning and i still want to sleep but i should get ready in an hour to go to the gym then to office. Hay, kapoy! So i got my ipod and started listening to "kami nAPO muna", a nice remake of the APO songs. Then, got my N80 and started browsing. So? Asa pa nice muadto? Blogs! And as usual nalingaw na pud ko basa sa imong literary piece :)

have a good day :D