September 14, 2006

morning blues and whites

as i walked away from home this morning for work, i was feeling a bit melancholic recalling the text message i got from raki, the one word that francis coined about me the previous night, and yeah, the previous night.

i read raki's text when i woke up. she must have sensed that i felt stressed the day before yesterday. my psychic friend said she was just singing "healing" in her mind and remembered me! i miss you too raki! :)

francis asked me last night if i was already fine after the "episode" i displayed the night before. was it really that bad? for him to call my momentary withdrawal from the group an episode??? when in fact, part of the reason i was so stressed out when i went home was i couldn't connect to the internet due to the number of spywares in my computer that accummulated only that day! haven't told him this though. i have to find a good timing with me having a good mood! :p but i feel sad for my other friends to witness that "episode". i didn't mean to be obnoxious guys, gay, and gal. if i was, i'm sorry.

good thing my morning didn't just invoke the blues out of me. the whites came out of nowhere that made the blues disappear! ;)

when i arrived at buona vista mrt, there was white #1. baoxiang, my cutie cutie team mate. he's wearing a WHITE shirt. :) i caught up with him at the bus, sat beside him, and he was the first one to initiate a conversation. he seemed interested in me. hmmm interesting. :p

white #2. as baoxiang and i crossed the street near our office, out of nowhere came prasana, the only indian guy i found really really handsome in singapore! he smiled at baoxiang but kept looking at me. he stole baoxiang away from me but he kept stealing glances at me too while talking with him. and guess what? he was wearing a WHITE shirt as white as his teeth! when we exited at the same time from the man-trap doors to our department, i saw him, at the corner of my eyes, take a last glance at me with a smile before proceeding to his cube opposite my direction. of course, i didn't look back. i had to appear hard to get! hahaha. he seemed very very interested. hmmm very very interesting! :p

so now, i'm not feeling the blues. i was quite excited by the interest they showed. and i was drawn to the whiteness, the whiteness of their shirts! :p

what a morning! :D

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