January 10, 2007


2007 seems to be slow for me. nababagalan ako sa oras ngayon while i found time in 2006 to be quite swift. i'm sure a lot of us had exclaimed or at least heard somebody else exclaim either "ang bagal ng oras" or "ang bilis ng oras". bakit kaya? nagbabago nga ba ang takbo o bilis ng oras? isn't time constant in terms of speed?

but i was just wondering na since people exclaim that, there must be some mystery or, even, truth to it. by some mysterious scheme of nature or time itself, hindi siguro constant ang time. i mean, it just appears constant kasi by great synchronizing scheme of things, lahat ng orasan na correct at precise (from our human point of view) ay gumagalaw ng sabay. and by some mystery, this simultaneous and precise movement of time ay nagbabago in terms of bilis. like feeling mo mabagal ang oras ngayon. then bukas parang ang bilis. gets mo?

well, naguguluhan din ako actually. siguro sa kapapanood to ng heroes. hehehe. meron kasing isang character who can bend time. and one villain was a watchmaker. pero pano nga kung talagang nababago ang bilis ng time pero di lang natin kita sa ating mga orasan kasi synchronized nga.

oh well, it's just from a point of view where i'm associating, and thus limiting, time with clocks and watches. there's the greater mystery that time being eternal and endless.

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