January 10, 2007

letting go

my recent vacation at home in cebu got me tidying my closet. i had quite a number of clothes and books kept inside it for a year already. since it hasn't been opened regularly, the closet smell had seeped through my clothes and books. some had even acquired yellow stains. i originally wanted to keep them there so that i didn't have to bring anything every time i go home since there are clothes and books waiting for me there; but i always bring new clothes with me, so i still end up not using those i left in cebu.

it's 2007. i decided giving them away lest they rot inside the closet. it would be a waste when they were still in salvageable condition. the clothes were easy to discard, although, i still left some because i could just not part with them. it was more difficult with the books. even if i had read all of them at least once and know most of them by heart, i just could not give them away. i ended up leaving all the books stashed in the closet.

letting go of things you value is hard to do. no matter your attempt at thinking that you're either better off without it or someone's got better use for it or that you can't bring those things when you die, you still end up holding on to them.

the same goes for relationships and feelings. even when the time comes for you to let go of someone or at least your feelings for someone, you hold on ever steadfastly because you know you're going to miss that someone or that feeling.

letting go is, indeed, the hardest part; but once you are past that part, everything else follows smoothly. we just have to really let go. really.

good thing i've got new clothes. ;)

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