February 05, 2007

grey's anatomy problem contest

i watched a "summary" episode of grey's anatomy last month. one scene which had me laughing hard was when the two female characters tried to outdo each other in terms of the problems that beset them.

this isn't a verbatim et literatim quote of their conversation, but i think it's pretty much how the dialogue went:

girl 1: my life sucks.
girl 2: oh, try me. you can't beat how my life sucks.
girl 1: oh, really? my life sucks more than yours.
girl 2: why?
girl 1: my boyfriend has a wife.
girl 2: i'm pregnant.
girl 1: oh... yeah, your life sucks more than mine.

hehehe... i'm very very sure that's not how the dialogue went. basta, it was something like that! :p

kinda like the "it sucks to be me" song in the play avenue q right?

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