February 03, 2007

poker addict

i won two out of three tourneys tonight! yipee!!!! and the one i lost was a meager 1,000 buy-in while the two others that i won had a whooping 1,500 and 5,000 buy-ins!!! weeeeeeeee... i now have 25,000 to my name, err, triplejack screen name! hehehe

my mentors should be very proud of me, namely, suzie, johnnie, and who else? istanlie! weeee!!!

time to sleep hehehe


suziecurly said...

grabeh mas mayaman ka na sakin! balato! :D heehee! :)

emmz said...

hahaha... natalo na naman ako kanina twice hehehe... ok lang may 20k pa rin ako! :p

sana totoong dollars noh? :p

chris said...

pwede bang i-convert sa totoong pera?

emmz said...

hindi yata eh...

but if u subscribe as a power player, i think u can win prizes like an HP pda! :p

o sali ka na chrismael! one of these days ;)