February 06, 2007

pan's labyrinth

finally! i got to watch pan's labyrinth last friday. and oh was i pleased! :)

it's like watching an art film that's well crafted.

it's a story about how a young girl dealt with the troubling times of war. fantasy and reality have been woven wonderfully in this film.

must see! must see! guaranteed! ;)


chris said...

huy nadisappoint ako dito. kala ko merong mala-lord of the rings na gera, wala pala hehe

emmz said...

ay, iba naman pala kasi in-expect mo eh... para di ma-disappoint, wag mag-expect... parang pag-ibig lang yan! :p

actually iba din ung expectations ko... parang may away nga din kaso i came out of the movie satisfied pa rin! ;)

Rhyze said...

i started watching this last wednesday. pero, kapoy basa sa subtitle. so, i switched to another movie. wala pa ko kabalik ug watch.

emmz said...

i watch it ms rhyze... pero hinuon naa ra na nimo kung unsa imong tripping... feeling artsy man kuno ko lately... hehehe

uy pag-update na sa imong blog inahan!

Rhyze said...

hoi, inahan. nag-update na tawon ko sa akong blog.

Rhyze said...

watched this na. nice ra baya. :)