July 14, 2006


in the year 2000, i started abiding by a self imposed principle: never regret any moment in life whether it's done with you having any choice or none.

it's been a very good principle to live by as it prevented me from being remorseful and bitter at the bad things that happened to me. although, it's not entirely true that i haven't had my share of remorseful and bitter moments, it's just that i got out of them quite easily because of this guiding principle.

until recently...

something happened that i can't seem to get out of my system. it's making me depressed by some intervals in a day if i think about it. i don't even want to say it here.

i know people out there are experiencing regret everyday, everywhere, and in every how imaginable. there's regret borne out of the loss of a loved one. there's regret caused by a bad decision, a wrong career move, or even little things such as purchasing a shirt that's not really needed. then there's regret that pops out of remembering the past. it pops out even if you're done and have dealt with that past. there may even be regret for the future, although, fear is, of course, the most appropriate word for it.

with my state of my mind right now, i'm contemplating on having another principle in the likes of "grabbing every opportunity" or "living in reckless abandon" but i still don't know.

all i want at this moment is to go back in time and do things right.


maddie said...

Wag nalang "what if?" ems, "next time" na lang. :) Everybody gets second chances. And it is never too late. :)

EmmsVille said...

tnx madam madz! yeah sana next time! :)

ei, finally ha, moving on and moving out na ang divas and friendships! i'm so proud of you gals! :D

see you soon in kazakhstan na jud ang reunion ani! :D

Anonymous said...

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