July 18, 2006

tired musings

never been so busy in my entire working life here in singapore compared today. i'm super duper tired. i went to the office very early. i was there 9 am. started working right away. went out to lunch at 12. went back to the office at 1230. worked straight till 4. went out for a siopao. worked from 415 till 945. di na kinaya. umuwi na gutom with a throbbing head. emulators, commands, bugs, and unfinished tests spinning in my head.

then why am i still awake? had to do laundry. ubos na ang panties. the house has been unclean for two weeks already. pero nakalinis kagabi ng kitchen and room. after coming home from office. yup, i worked yesterday, a sunday! without ot pay. without taxi and meal claim. and the emulator was not functioning when i got there! oh life!

anyways, been thinking about family, work, and lovelife. ganyan yata pag stressed ako. lalong maraming iniisip!

anyways, tomorrow, a friendship in nsp will resign! hahaha... some of you might read it here first! shhhh....

the friendships are moving out of nsp na! good for you gals! ;) i'll see you in kazakhstan for our reunion! ;)

sue's working tom. can't wait to see her.

my hands and eyes are tired now.

jon, the thai guy who asked me to sleep with him just signed in to msn. don't wanna talk. don't wanna sleep with him! hehehe

good night! ahhh, tomorrow have to be at the office at 9.

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