October 11, 2006

anong tulog???

adrian jorge restauro! tinakot mo ko!

i suddenly felt that the snoring stopped. but i continued writing my last entry thinking that i could sleep after i finish it! my ging gang gooly gracious goodness, i felt that something was weird. i looked behind my back, blinked. didn't see anything. then i looked back again, no blink, and there was this black figure standing at the door! huwaaaaaaaaa!!! adrian kainis ka!!! ang dilim kasi ng room. he startled me! then the mokong just laughed!

hehehe... hahaha! then he told me that i was too engrossed with writing that i didn't notice daw na he was twirling pa pala may hair before he tiptoed towards the door. tinest nya if mararamdaman ko and matatakot ako! langya ka adrian! hehehe

at least a laugh would be a good way to end the night! good night aswang! hehehe

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