October 11, 2006

my own island

i'm a daydreamer. i conjure in my mind some situations i'd like to happen. i imagine a lot of things. during my schooldays, i used to imagine having my own island where all the people i care about, family and friends, live. i used to imagine that i'm the one thing in common with all the people living in this island of mine. i used to imagine spending my time and days going around all the houses in my island since they are homes to people who knew me and care about me.

recently, i've thought about how this dream has been, partially, coming true. the little island of singapore has somewhat become my island. when i came here, i knew a lot of people already, people who will see through with me happy and trying times. i've also unexpectedly met old acquaintances whom i never thought would be here and i've established some bond with them. and now, more of my friends are coming here. one is already snoring at this moment here in my room! hehehe. and to top it all, i've made new friends here through connections. singapore feels so "friendster". it feels so "multiply"!

some people find singapore boring. for me, i'm having a blast here! this just became my island. all that's left is to have my family here! and find super duper true love! hehehe


my toothache has evaporated. finally! blogging lang pala ang lunas! bwehehehe... i can finally sleep. good night singapore! :D

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ysilona said...

i wish i could feel the same way for singapore. i've tried to enjoy as much as i would want to, but still i feel that i'm fenced in.