October 10, 2006


ha ha ha!!! :p

blooper #1:
i was helping out adz with his applications. i'd been sending emails to some friends and people whom i met once or twice and whom, from my vague recollection, i talked with about getting jobs in singapore. i came across a certain bert ocon's contacts in my phone. i emailed him stating that i was princess' friend whom he met at matt's despidida party a few days ago and that as what we discussed, i'd be sending him the resume of my friend once the latter gets here. this bert ocon replied that he's a migration specialist based on australia but that i wasn in luck since he's a filipino and a fellow cebuano. he drafted instead a migration proposal for adz! hehehe... as i went through again my phone's contacts, the person i should have contacted was a certain virgil cola! it was a total mix up! hahaha. hmmm, or could it be that that was a sign for something else? when i told adz about this, he said that maybe he's not meant to work in singapore. or it could be that i'm meant to move to australia! hmmm, matingnan nga ang proposal kay adz... hehehe... and now i remember who bert ocon really is. he's the consultant of tita butch, the tita of sue. :D super connection na naman ito! :p

blooper #2:
i sent an email to hermes about the prizes boney, larry, and i bought for the mooncake festival dice game we're having this saturday. ava! nag-reply ba naman ang hermes kung bakit ko daw sya binibisaya! when i read my email again, hahaha! bisaya words scattered all over! :p sorry herms, ka-email ko kasi lahat ng bisaya sa mundo today so ayun napuno na ng bisaya words lahat ng email ko! :p

blooper #3:
di ko sya actually blooper. and it isn't really funny. someone i know told a lie. i thought he was just going home for this month and then work again next month. he kept secret the real deal. ang hindi nya alam, all over the world ang connections ko and people just spill news on me! sabi nga ni sue, di pa nya alam ang "small world" phenomenon wherein kakilala ko ang kakilala mo or magiging kakilala mo. ayun, nahuli ko tuloy na nagsinungaling sya. and sabi nung source ko, nagulat daw sya nung tinanong sya about me kasi magkakilala kami nung source ko (onga naman!). hay nakakalito ito but i won't drop any names to protect the person pa rin. :)

blooper #4:
to come pa. hehehe

i wonder what other bloopers will happen today! masarap mag-blog pag mga bloopers! :p

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