March 22, 2007

chris i laaavvvvvv yooooooouuuuuuuuuu

last night's performance from my future husband chris richardson was captivating! gosh! i'm in love!

but i was really shocked that he was in the bottom 2 tonight along with stephanie edwards who was the one booted out!

boo!!! ano na ba nangyayari sa american audience??? bottom two ang dalawang may star qualities? don't sanjaya and gina ever feel guilty of still being there in the top 10??? gosh! the good singers have been eliminated. first sabrina and now stephanie. who's next? melinda??? well, i'm sure malakas sya pero with the way the voting has been going on, i should be preparing myself for the ouster of the best singers.

don't worry chris. mahal na mahal pa rin kita! ahem! :p


Rhyze said...

lav pud nako sya!!!!

emmz said...

grabeh noh??? makalaglag everything! hehehe

jlee said...

da! di jud ko ka relate ngano makalaglag everything sya.. =P

emmz said...

tan-aw jen para ka ka-relate! :D