March 15, 2007

a psychic, two birthday celebrators, and a multitude of friends

i used to believe that i'm clairvoyant. there were times in the past that i experienced some gut feeling of anything that would later on (usually on the same day) materialize in one form or another. one time, i spotted a guy coming towards my direction while i was on my way home. looking at him, i instantly thought about my cousin abroad, though there wasn't any semblance at all between the two. when i got home, there was my cousin meeting and greeting me. i didn't know that he was coming home. a few weeks ago, i couldn't stop thinking about someone whom i used to be close with. there was that feeling of sadness hanging in the air while thinking about him, along with the strong urge to call him which i haven't done in a very long time. when i did check on him, sadness was pervading his soul at that time. this morning while preparing for work, i kept thinking about the notes, gifts, text messages, and greetings i got from my last birthday. then, this afternoon i received a pooh birthday invitation from one of my bubbly friends in cebu. i call these times of coincidences as psychic abilities. hehehe.

it was a surprise to get a birthday invitation for a party that's going to happen this saturday in cebu and for a birthday that's gone past already since march 8. apparently, it's a post birthday celebration. and despite my not knowing her birthday, i was still invited! hehehe. an invitation is just one form (and in the face) reminder of the birthday of someone you know. if you missed greeting him/her on the day itself, reminders in any form present opportunities to make up for missing or messing it. hehehe.

i used to give so little significance over birthdays, at least mine that is, until i started counting the years when my age won't even be numerically represented in the calendar, until i started thinking about the people i care for and the things that matter in life, and until i was touched by the greetings on my birthday itself from the people who truly care. my last birthday was probably the one with a lot of surprises. being in cebu that time, i was flooded with messages coming from different corners of the world: cebu, manila, bohol, cagayan, singapore, japan, the USA, and switzerland. some of these people didn't even know where i was at that time. yet they remembered. one of the biggest surprises was being greeted by someone whom, of all, i least expected to greet me on my birthday due to his religious affiliation. yet he went out of his beliefs to reach out and greet me. another one whom i had a short conflict with and despite knowing him for a short while only, dropped me a yahoo message even though i was offline. and then another friend whom i haven't seen for more than two years and whom i correspond with once in a blue moon only sent me a postcard and chocolates via snail mail! hehehe. how sweet! these things mean a lot. it makes one sentimental because you know there are people out there who truly care despite the distance, the length of time that you've known each other, the length of time that you haven't seen each other, or even the shaky quality of your relationship. i guess during one's birthday will we know the people who truly care and who wish us well. these are the people who are worth keeping since you know you can run to them whenever you need someone to run to. i guess i'm blessed with a lot of these people. our birthday doesn't just add a year to our age, it helps us realize the things that matter. most importantly, it helps us sift through the multitude of people we know and pick those who are truly worth keeping. after all, one who remembers you is one who cares for you. and so must we hold on to ever closely those who are worth keeping.

to nanie, belated happy birthday. and to the other friends who will be celebrating their birthdays soon, advance happy birthday. hehehe. but, of course, i'll greet you on that day! :)


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