March 20, 2007

a prose for a breeze of a personality

you. it was you. you were light. there was lightness in you. the first time i saw you. there was beauty. that smile. that all out smile. like there was nothing else. or no one else. save for me. and you. yes you. the first time i saw you.

you were smiling while walking towards me. daintily. yes. you were dainty. the first time we met. you had nary pretenses nor aloofness. you were so different from me. i wasn't smiling at you. yet you didn't have any care in the world as to how i would receive you. i didn't smile at you but i felt something in me. you made me happy that instant. for you were happiness emanating. you were happiness personified.

i came to know you. free spirit. you were spontaneous. you told me you missed me every time you did. and i couldn't help it. despite my thoughtful nature. sometimes my even manipulative self. you were a gentle breeze brushing against my troubled mind. you unloaded off me my burdens. you were always interested in me. you made me forget the things i wanted to forget. i always wanted to be with you. many have come to me. somehow they were like you. but they were never you.

yes. you. you were wonderful. you were always there. you were ever present. ever remembering. ever expressive. ever missing me. ever caring. ever giving. ever loving. never demanding. never asking. you were. in your ways i could not understand. in your ways i misunderstood. yet in your ways that i kept hoping for. in your ways that i kept remembering. in your ways that i was loving.

but you have gone. without a word. you are the breeze that swept me gently. you lingered while you could. but i guess i was not enough to have you stay with me. i miss you. if only i could tell it to you. if only i'm brave enough. you. yes, you.

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