March 06, 2007

malaysia road trip

chinese new year. romeo and i. on a road trip to malaysia.

first stop: johor bahru. 45 minutes away from yew tee. spent about 7 hours there.

second stop: kuala lumpur. 5 hours from johor bahru. spent about 1 hour there.

third stop: ipoh. supposedly 2.5 hours from kuala lumpur but the ride took 5 hours. spent overnight there.

final stop: penang. 2.5 hours from ipoh city. spent two nights there.

and the travel from penang to singapore took 12 hours straight! we were exhausted but the experience was throbbing in our heads like heartbeats you can't do without!


emmz said...

o chrismael! ayan, bakit ako naka-comment??? :p

iba yata may topak eh! wahehehe

Anonymous said...

wow! major road trip! i like. :D swerte mo eman dear. :) God bless always.

emmz said...

hindi swerte yan dear. kaya mo ring gawin yan! ;)

thanks for blessing me anonymous. hehehe. next time maglagay ka naman ng pangalan para mapasalamatan ko ang pangalan mo! :p

malaysia didn't have a good impression on me dati. kuala lumpur and johor bahru lang kasi ang napuntahan ko. but my ging gang gooly goodness gracious, when we went to ipoh city and penang, i loved the place! if u want a rustic, laid back city with caves and what nots, go to ipoh. for bustling city life and night life with lots of cute guys of all nationalities, penang is the place, man or woman! :p

jlee said...

katong ipoh stop ninyo ems ba..
murag nilingi man sila sa imoha tanan.. kita kaayo sa pics.. hehehe

maddie said...

ako ni ems uy. kalimot lang ko sulat sa akong name. :D

sa KL ra gyud kutob among road trip sa una kay nahutdan na fuel aka datungz. :D

emmz said...

jen, si romeo ang gitan-aw ana... aw kaming duha pero mostly sa iyaha nag-tan-aw kay mega shawl baya ang girly...

madz, makaadto ra ka unya ana kay naa na tay ma-gate-crashan didto! :P

Sam said...

hey-, thinking of doing something similar during CNY 2009! Wanted to know how good are the roads in Malaysia ? Are they like Singapore ?

emmz said...

hey there sam!

i think the roads should be good. we didn't have our own car actually. we took buses. we still called it a road trip :p

anyways, it's a fun experience. so even if there are bumpy roads, go and do it! ;)