May 18, 2007

AI elimination patterns

the top 4 eliminations had had a history of shocking results. season 1's tamyra gray started it out and probably started the pattern. she was a favorite of the judges and was constantly called a superstar whose star quality was compared to big names such as whitney houston and celine dion. then there was season 3's la toya london going home on this round after stellar performances showcasing disco music. and the biggest shocker of all was in season 5 when chris daughtry was eliminated.

this season, though, the top 4 elimination wasn't a shocker. although lakisha had been a strong contender in the beginning, the other 3 simply outshone her in the later part of the competition.

so it was the top 4 eliminations in seasons 1, 3, and 5 that had surprising results. it's a series number!!! 1 - 3 - 5. see? there's a pattern!

another pattern has surfaced, though. the top 3 elimination seems to have started to become a jinx for the most vocally able and endowed singers. we had to say goodbye to melinda doolittle earlier despite her powerful performances and unanimous praises from the judges. not everyone may like melinda (like my friends in japan and perhaps cebu hehehe) but there's no doubt that she had the vocal prowess unmatched by the other contestants. she is probably even, arguably, the best singer to ever grace the american idol competition since it started in 2002. the pattern was probably set off by my (ahem) personal american idol elliott yamin in season 5 when he was ousted during the top 3 elimination. elliott was, by far, the best vocalist of the three remaining that time.

with that said, melinda doesn't have to worry about anything. if i'm not mistaken in pointing out this pattern and should it be valid, then it would be safe to say that she has a bright future ahead of her in the music industry. elliott has started his career with his self-titled debut album landing #3 in the billboard charts and his first single "wait for you" getting constant airplay and appearing on the charts including in billboard's top 100.

and weeeee, i got to see my idol elliott perform at the elimination show earlier. the hairdo bothered me at first. the new perfect white teeth were noticeable. the singing was even better than last time i remembered and heard his voice. and the personality that i like was still there.

ahhhh, i loved the song "wait for you"! it's kinda fitting for me at this time! hehehe. i've got to get my hands on the album soon! hear and watch his mtv at:


jai said...

big shocker diay tung na-out si yamin? dli man. hehehe. :P

lupid sila tanan (AI S5) ni daughtry. ginapatukar man diri sa japan iyang It's Not Over.

emmz said...

huy! i-review akong gisulat. very well thought out baya na kay ang mga psychic dili dapat masayop! :p

ingon ko nga shocker ang top 4 eliminations. pero ang top 3 kay nagsugod og ka-jinx para sa mga vocal powerhouses like melinda and elliott regardless kung shocking ang result or dili! so pasok gihapon si elliott sa pattern! hehehe :p

yeah, sikat na niya nga song pero ang akong favorite kang chris kay ang "Over You" ;)