May 02, 2007

a walk in an untrodden path

i walked and talked with a friend a while ago. haven't done that with him for some time now. it's refreshing to get to do that once in a while with people whom you connect with, with people whom you share your thoughts with, unbarred and spontaneous, and who, likewise, share everything about themselves with you.

we talked about how things here have become "the same" to past situations. it's actually just the monotony of everything. once you get so used to the place, everything seems routinary. even for someone like me who constantly seeks new things to do, new people to meet, and new ideas and emotions to explore, there comes a point when where i am becomes humdrum.

after i sent off my friend at the station, i continued walking on past the place where i live just so i could have an exercise, ponder on things i did this year, and reflect on what my friend and i talked about. i treaded the path i haven't used before. and i treaded it on a late night. it had helped me put things in perspective. there's still so much to experience.

i've known it like forever ago, but i have to be reminded of it once in a while because our zest for life tend to wane in the midst of perplexities and adversities. it's the same case as love that starts to lose its flavor when you don't see your beloved, but it still beats in you. it runs the risk of being lost when it shouldn't be because it's too lovely to be forgotten or cast away.

once, a friend told me that he planned on dying at the age of 40 because he didn't want to get so old. someone else once told me that 70 would be the right age for him to leave this world as by that time he would become bored with life. but i think that a thousand years to live wouldn't be enough for me to experience everything that there is. there is just so much. places to go to. cultures to experience. food to taste. songs to hear. people to love. people to hate. feelings to relish. there is so much that even in the things that may seem similar to us are not at all similar but vary in one way or another. for example, one's feelings for someone cannot be the same for another one even if you call it love for both. if we are able to relish our experiences, i think we'll be able to hold on to a life that's vibrant, never dull, and never boring.

when i went to japan, my senses were alive due to the new things that i was experiencing. when i came back to singapore, it was like i turned back to my routinary lifestyle. my senses became passive as everything around me was familiar. what i failed to realize was that even in a very familiar place, new things abound waiting to be done and discovered. even in your regular companions and friends, there are things that can be learned.

walking an untreaded path tonight reminded me of this. in a place that i've become used to, i can take on paths i haven't taken on. i can take a walk with old friends and discover things that are new with them. i can even dream new things. that would still be something new. there's just so much to do in life that not a thousand nor even a million years would afford me to experiencing.


maddie said...

i totally agree emms. :) bloom where you are planted ika nga. :D

emmz said...

dali na diri para daghan tang mo-bloom... basta pink tulip ko ha! :p