May 13, 2007

nihon turipu apr 13: pressing matters

i was tense on this day. i couldn't decide what to do. i only had two sure things. first, i had to leave sendai on this day, be at kita-senju, and have dinner with old friends: kobayashi-san and yuko-chan. second, i had to meet roland afterwards.

my dilemma was, or rather, my dilemmas were:
1. after meeting roland would i be able to catch the last bullet train to osaka? what time was the last train???
2. if i stayed all night until the wee hours of the morning with roland, where would i sleep??? what time was i going to osaka?
3. if i went to osaka in the morning the next day, april 14, will i ever be able to make it back at around 8 pm to tokyo to attend a party where roland invited me??? would i still be able to tour osaka if i did that??? waaaahhh...
4. do i attend the party on the 14th? or just watch roland's choral performance on the 15th instead?


you see, roland told me earlier in the week that he had planned two surprises for me. one was he'd bring me to a party on april 14 where i would be able to meet james whom he introduced to me via the latter's blog ( the other was he reserved a ticket for me to his choral concert on april 15. i'd been bugging him about letting me watch him sing when i found out in 2005 that he's in a choir. he planned for it, pala! gosh! laglag me that day! :p eh? wasn't it supposed to be a surprise? why did he tell me that, you may ask. it was because i told him of my plans of staying in osaka on april 14 and 15. he had no choice but to tell me his surprise plans so that i could make some adjustments. ang lolo nyo nga naman. he was probably thinking na everyday sa kanya ako. tsk tsk tsk. hehehe.

i was calculating my days against the places i planned to go to. my plan was shaken because of his planned surprises. i wanted to meet james and i'd been waiting for the moment that i could see roland sing on stage! i was finally going to be able to get what i demanded because, apparently, he's too shy to have his friends watch him sing! but i also promised my friend kay in osaka that i'd be there on a weekend. osaka and tokyo are 2.5 hours away from each other by bullet train. gosh! what was i to do?

hmmm... you'll find out in the next posts... hehehe :p

what i did on april 13 was i left sendai. waaaahhh, bye bye na kay auntie si ea.

i went to kita-senju to meet kobayashi-san. i arrived at the meeting place first! wow, that was something new, emman arriving early! hehehe. i knew that a certain mr. zambi was also coming with us. while there, i saw a filipino guy na nagpapa-cute. ilabas ko na ba ang pepper spray ko??? hehehe. he turned out to be zambi who told me that he recognized me as we've met before in 2004 at his training center. i told him i didn't remember him at all! hahaha.

before going for dinner, zambi, kobayashi-san, and i went to an exhibit featuring the bombing of tokyo in 194gotten (read as nineteen forgotten) hehehe. i can't recall the year actually. sowee.

then we went to an exhibit on the art of pressing flowers, fruits, and leaves. sugoi ne! the frame below is just one of the many framed collections of pressed flowers, fruits, and leaves.

below, we were trying our own hands at pressing flowers and leaves in a postcard. zambi had a better flair at it than moi! how embarrassing for a girl! hehehe.

then dinner with two old very good friends, kobayashi-san (leftmost) and yuko-chan (the lady sandwiched between the two other ladies) and three new friends. :)

after dinner, went straight to shinjuku to meet roland. i found out from the station that the last train to osaka was at 9pm. i was going to stay overnight at the disco with roland after all! weeee!

so what happened next? it's for the apr 14 account. teeheee! :p


jlee said...

grabe! laagan jud ka..

emmz said...

samtang bata pa jud og walay mopugong! hehehe

ysilona said...

korek gyud emz ... Amen to that ;)

maddie said...

korek. make use of the singleton years. kay lahi na kung nakatali na. :D