May 02, 2007

nihon turipu apr 8: araw ng pag-ibig

SECRET!!! :p

hehehe. well, it was just an afternoon of coffee and strolling with roland at roppongi. a night of dinner with roland, nobu, and rob. and a late night of dancing at arty farty with (who else?) roland, kazuya, and hiroshi. i just met nobu, kazuya, and hiroshi that day. very nice gays indeed, not to mention, good looking! :D

L to R: moi, roland who doesn't smile coz he said
he looks better not smiling, nobu (good looking and
good natured), and rob the wacky


Jan said...

gwapo lagi na si nobu ems. :p

emmz said...

az in! cutie cutie na sya. iyang bf kay american. but the handsomest i met kay katong sa disco. too bad, pauli na ko the next day. i just got his name. but i did get a hug! weeeee... hay, other one thrown sa kawalan!