August 29, 2006


already there you were standing
i didn't look up right then
just had to appear composed
but when i did look up
oh, what incredulous heart i had!
pulsating furiously, sweating deep down
sending shivery currents through my skin

your face bore the eyes
whose soul i wished to capture
but the enigma remained
the shyness hid what lay beneath
as opposed, the smile drawn on your face
conveyed the jovial heart i sought

the curves of your mouth that formed that uptight grin
elicited in me a plethora of memories
the blissful taste of a first kiss
the playful tongue that intertwined with mine
the purplish hue that marked a sweet nip
the saline taste of blood brought to my mouth
by the only lips i yearned to kiss again

and in an instant, beside me you were near
i wished to take your arms
and wrap myself in your embrace
but i could only take hold of an imagination

perhaps lady luck saw my longing
your playful hand found its way to mine
oh, what spell did you cast on me?
for with your touch, I began to stammer
words were harder to utter
your nimble fingers i could never ignore
as invisible hearts were drawn on my palm
as my own fingers were being caressed
as my hand is cupped and then kissed
by the same lips I longed to kiss again

and as you were doing all these magic tricks
my mind and heart wondered and wandered
with blind hope, i closed my eyes
igniting my thoughts that you would kiss me next
and as i prepared my lips for that elusive kiss
the clanging of a thousand bells were closing in like a train

startled, i awoke from a slumber i wished never distracted
but with hopes all high up and pitted against the dream
i scrambled to answer the calling of the thousand bells
i could only wish with a heavy prick in my heart
i hope it's you and that you remember, my love

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