August 28, 2006

paghahakot part 2

i had a surprise last week. somebody whom i wasn't expecting to be visiting my blog told me he reads my blog! wowow! it was indeed a pleasant surprise. i even had a very nice exchange of emails with him. and i'm quite positive that in time we might even become really good friends. :)

our communication made me think of posting the poems i wrote before. i wasn't into poetry writing until he introduced me to it. well back in college i wrote some but they were all corny stuffs. actually the things i wrote after his invitation to a poetry mailing list were even cornier than the poems i wrote in school.

anyways, i will post here some of those i wrote in the past. of course, those that are not so corny lang. hehehe. it's for posterity's sake na rin coz i've lost track of some of my poems due to not saving them.

abangan ang mga sulat ko before!

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