August 01, 2006

something about me

there's something i noticed about me. :D

if you're an avid reader of my blog, i think you can figure it out. and no, it's not just that i rant about unrequited love most of the time (you madz ha!) hehehe defensive ba? but it's quite related to that. ;)

go figure! if you get the right answer, i'll give you a calligraphy translation of your name! manggagaling pa yan from a certified manghuhula in chinatown. the prize is itself a clue to what i noticed about my posts! :p

good luck! hahaha


Anonymous said...

ehhh..... you\'re a good writer? or you think that you\'re psychic. :D peace ems. :D

emmz said...

nope! hahaha...

it has something to do with names! :p