August 06, 2006

meteor garden 2

i just caught meteor garden 2 on tv. i didn't finish it though coz i found it corny when daoming xi got an accident while shancai was waiting for him in a secluded church. days passed after his disappearance but it never occurred to shancai and her friend who joined her that something bad might have happened to daoming xi. duh! or maybe they did realize it but i wasn't just patient enough to wait for it to happen. besides, i was getting sleepy. then why am i blogging? hehehe. :p

i got hooked on it though for a good 30 minutes or so. why not? i enjoyed watching the sweety tweetum pa-cute-cute between daoming xi and shancai. it reminded me how hooked i became in the first series of meteor garden. i was in japan when i first watched it. i originally vowed not to be taken by the f4 fever unlike my female friends in nsp who were also in japan with me. but due to not having anything else to do, i copied the first few episodes and since then i'd be watching at least 5 episodes in one night ignoring headaches and the possibility of going to work late the next day (as if di ako late always!).

why was the meteor garden fever a fever? :p well, for one, it's undeniable that the f4 is composed of cute guys. yeah, they aren't really that super guapo. a lot of filipino guys who aren't actors are handsomer than these guys but, hey, they're still cute! ;) aside from that, shancai is such an angelic and innocent face to look at. the meteor garden story isn't that bad also. well, given the interesting characters and situations, a simple story is weaved interestingly. but, most of all, i think what makes meteor garden so appealing is its cheesiness. one can see that there's a mutual attraction between daoming xi and shancai. it's evident when they're either quarelling or throwing stolen glances at each other or when at the later episodes they would become pa-cute-cute with each other. those shy glances, shy and forced smiles, those pa-tweetums like pa-away-away. pa-cute-cute. you know what i mean. and if you're watching those scenes, you get a silly smile on your face too which you don't want others to see because the cheesiness of it is rubbing on you. however, that's really what's making it effective. it reminds us of either our past pa-cute-cute with someone or our desire to have one. it reminds us how cute and nice the feeling is of pa-cute-cute with someone. hehehe.

meteor garden, i can say, is one of my favorite asian series. well, i've only seen a handful of asian telenovelas. about two probably? hehehe. but i enjoyed meteor garden very much. not only did it make me laugh at some silly situations, but there were times that i felt my heart cringed. there were touching moments in the series. and i especially liked the pa-cute-cute scenes although i never wanted someone with me watching it coz i'm pretty sure there's a silly smile painted on my face when i see those pa-cute-cute scenes! :p


nelanie said...

hi ms emman :)

if mer has not told u yet, naa nice na korean girl ang name hehehe

lingaw jud au... :)

Anonymous said...

ems, Inday. Tama na ang pa-cute-cute. :D Wa na ta angay ana. :D Seduction is the name of the game now. :D

emmz said...

angayan pa man gihapon ko madz... ang akong pa-cute-cute is a form of seduction! works for me all the time! :p