August 20, 2006

i love you

those words came when i needed them most. today is a sad day for me. sadness for me is like rain. i don't know when it comes but i know that it would and will come at any time. and just like rain, i can't control it. i just wait for it to stop.

to keep myself from wallowing and sulking, i contacted some friends.

i called up mae to bid her well wishes for her schooling in japan. just before we hung up, she said, "luv u ems". it was surprising but i needed that. my good friend probably felt it at the other end.

i sent a text message to tita virgie just to say hi. she told me to take care with "love you" at the end of the message. i needed that.

they filled in what i felt was empty in me today. i'm glad to have contacted them.

though, i was wishing that someone would also tell me those words. someone who crept up unexpectedly in my life just recently. i'm just waiting.


maddie said...

i'll add to the list ems. you know we love you. :)

snowflakes in summer said...

bitaw ms emman :)
know that you are loved by us :)

EmmsVille said...


thanks a lot girls!

i'm so touched! touch me more! ;)

i love all of you too! :D