August 23, 2006

to B or not to B

nagkukulitan kami nina romae, shih, and sue sa email earlier about a coffee maker na kukunin ko from diners. niloloko nila ako kung kaninong B dapat ibigay ang coffee maker. at kung kanino ako dapat ibigay! pamigay daw ba! :p

nakagawa tuloy ako ng song! song nga ba itu? hehehe

coffee to b
and me to b
how about b to b?
hmmm, so who is b?
and the other b?
let's make it
coffee to bo
and me to bo
i wish bo is my beau
but which bo?
hmmm, who is bo?
let's make it
coffee to bon
and me to bob
though i also want bon
coffee's more fitting for bon
coz when you shake the coffee
you're shaking the bon bon
so i'm left with the bob
the bomb of Bs


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