August 28, 2006

my gigolo

he descended to my world cloaked with shyness
and bearing only a smile of mystery.
i took his kiss to the pit of loneliness
hoping for answers to my misery.
but the kiss only tasted with tongue, rolling and bland,
devoid of sun sweet affection.
still i allowed myself to be plunged and drowned
in this candied affliction.
with the attention he bestowed upon
my itchy self, famished with kisses and love,
in a cornucopia of words i lured him on
and he readily bowed, i thanked God above.
but now i ask myself where i dwell
in his glamorous world concealed by his fears.
or does he even fear for his shell?
or his secrets of providing untold pleasures?
in all my scrutiny, i found his deceiving sly,
his craft of luring unsuspecting victims.
he clips their wings as fast as he can undo his fly
like he curtailed my freedom with his schemes.
i would have paid him in dimes instead
had he told me of his sheepish flesh business.
but he never asked for a price to be paid
so i gave him my heart, my world, my foolishness.


i wrote this way back in 2003. i still have to unearth my email files to know the exact date! ;)

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